Autonomous Vehicle Navigation

Author: Lounis Adouane
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1498715591
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This book reveals innovative control architectures that can lead to fully autonomous vehicle navigation in these challenging situations.

Unmanned Ground Vehicle Technology

Author: Grant R. Gerhart
Publisher: Society of Photo Optical
ISBN: 9780819457899
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Defence R&D Canada - Suffield is developing foundations for multi- vehicle
autonomous operations. DRDC. through long experience in practical one on one
vehicle teleoperation, realizes the necessity of combined multi-vehicle operations
. We are now developing a common framework for land, sea, and air that exploits
distributed computing and mesh networking technology. To achieve force
magnification, however, this Architecture for Autonomy1 (AfA) must be further
leveraged into ...

Scientific And Technical Aerospace Reports

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The use of scenario-based, object-oriented software engineering methodologies
in the next generation of robotic controllers is discussed. ... This system uses the
view from the top of a small, roving, robotic vehicle to supply data that is
processed in real-time to safely navigate the surface of Mars. ... The proposed
design architecture allows for construction of hybrid systems which employ both
subsumption and traditional Al techniques as well as providing for a
teleoperator's interface.

International Aerospace Abstracts

Author: Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, Inc. Internet Database Service
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We designed a fuzzy logic controller tor the road following of an autonomous
land vehicle The main sensor is a video camera that can provide the environment
information We have implemented this controller in a simulation. .... the
behavioral portion ot the CSM hybrid delberative/reactjve architecture, which
divided robot activities into four strategic and tactical behaviors: vision based lol
low-path ultrasonic based avoid-obstade, pan-camera, and speed-control using

Computer Control Abstracts

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See Entry 71415 Autonomous attitude determination and control system for the
0rsted satellite See Entry 71416 Transition Region and Coronal Explorer Mission
See Entry 71417 Attitude control for low lift/drag re-entry vehicles See Entry 7
1427 ... mobile bodies See Entry 71434 Novel approach to reconfigurable control
systems design See Entry 71436 Nonlinear autopilot design for bank-to-turn
steering of a flight vehicle See Entry 71438 Unmanned space vehicle navigation
by GPS ...

Proceedings Of The Ieee Computer Society Workshop On Computer Vision

Publisher: IEEE Computer Society
ISBN: 9780818607790
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The Autonomous Robot Architecture (AuRA) has been developed to support
navigation experiments using computer vision algorithms developed within this
framework. Employing high-level semantic knowledge and control structures
consisting of low-level motor schemas, action-oriented perception and schema-
based navigation are being investigated. Several visual strategies are being
explored including a fast line-finding algorithm for road following, a multiple
frame ...

Artificial Intelligence Abstracts Annual

ISBN: 9780835226745
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... Qualitative Dynamics from Numerical Experiments An Architecture for
Intelligent Task Automation Reactive Reasoning and Planning Qualitative
Landmark-Based Path Planning and Following Insertions Using Geometric
Analysis and Hybrid ... HERMIES Experimental Robot Use of Fuzzy Logic in
Robotics Hierarchical System for the Navigation of Autonomous Vehicles in Utility
and Industrial Environments Application-Based Control of an Autonomous Mobile
Robot Development of ...

Robotics Abstracts

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Robotics & Computer-Integrated Manufacturing 1991 v8. n2. p127 (8) 06-91-
31075 Architectures of Individual and Distributed Autonomous Agents. Intelligent
Autonomous ... 89, p20 (15) 13-91-31147 Integration of Territorial Maps in the
Vision System of an Autonomous Land Vehicle. Intelligent Autonomous ... 89.
p694(11) 13-91-31163 LASERS Sensor Data Processing and Navigation in a
Laser-Radar Based Autonomous Robot, intelligent Autonomous Systems Intl
Conf. Amsterdam ...

Soft Computing As Transdisciplinary Science And Technology

Author: Ajith Abraham
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783540323914
Size: 41.37 MB
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This book presents the proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Soft Computing as Transdisciplinary Science and Technology (WSTST '05), May 25-27, 2005, Muroran, Japan.