Blood Chemistry And Cbc Analysis Clinical Laboratory Testing From A Functional Perspective

Author: Dr Dicken Weatherby
Publisher: Emperors Group LLC
ISBN: 0976136716
Size: 13.17 MB
Format: PDF
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Are You Getting The Most From Your Blood Tests?

Sick and tired of telling your patients that their blood tests look normal when you know they are far from it? This manual presents a diagnostic system of blood chemistry and CBC analysis that focuses on physiological function as a marker of health. By looking for optimum function we increase our ability to detect dysfunctions long before disease manifests. Conventional lab testing becomes a truly preventative and prognostic tool. Whether you are well-seasoned doctor, or fresh from medical school, you will refer to this manual again and again.

You will discover how easy it is to:

  • Increase your competency with blood chemistry analysis and speak to your patients with authority when doing reports of findings.
  • Determine nutritional deficiencies in your patients and reduce your reliance on expensive outsourced labs.
  • Implement new tools and techniques to dramatically improve your clinical outcomes.
  • Cut the amount of time you spend analyzing your patients' blood tests.
  • Make your blood chemistry testing an indispensable screening tool.
  • Your blood chemistry analysis will finally mean something to you and your patients.

This book includes:

  • In-depth coverage of 52 blood tests with optimal and functional values.
  • 62 patterns of functional disorders that most physicians do not get from normal reference ranges.
  • 11 nutrient deficiencies that can be seen in blood chemistry and CBC tests.
  • 36 special topics and in-office tests.
  • Full section of patterns that exist between multiple tests.
  • Blood chemistry and CBC tracking forms for both US reference units and Standard International Units available as a download.

This best selling manual on Blood Chemistry Analysis has shown hundreds of doctors how to do a functionally oriented blood chemistry analysis. What are you waiting for?

Blood Chemistry And Cbc Analysis

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