Calcium Signalling And Disease

Author: Ernesto Carafoli
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Authors highlight several promising discoveries in the field of calcium signaling that provide new information about both genetic and acquired pathologies.

Intracellular Calcium

Author: Anthony K. Campbell
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Bibliography 687 Meech, R. W. & Standen, N. B. (1975) Potassium activation in
Helix aspersa neurones under voltage clamp: a component mediated by calcium
influx. ... Metchnikoff, E. (1905) Immunity in Infective Diseases. ... Biochemistry, 3,
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activation and embryo development: The influence of subcellular localization.


Author: Hyman J. Zimmerman
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
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Annu Rev Pharmacol Toxicol 32:449, 1992. Nathanson MH, Schlosser SF
Calcium signaling mechanism in health and disease. Prog Liver ... Dis 10:267,
1990. . Tirmenstein MA, Nelson SD. Subcellular binding and effects on calcium
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F. Denk H. Molecular pathology of cholestasis. In: Taylor W. ed. The hepatobiliary
system: ...

Moyamoya Disease Explored Through Rnf213

Author: Akio Koizumi
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9811027110
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Genetics, Molecular Pathology, and Clinical Sciences Akio Koizumi, Kazuhiro
Nagata, Kiyohiro Houkin, Teiji Tominaga, Susumu Miyamoto, Shigeo Kure,
Elizabeth Tournier-Lasserve. Despite ... and pancreatic β-cell survival [22], matrix
metalloproteinase production in vascular endothelial cells [24, 28], zebra fish
myogenesis [29], WNT and calcium signaling in the endothelial cells that mediate
vascular regression [30], and non-mitochondrial oxygen consumption in breast
cancer [31].

Peterson S Annual Guides To Graduate Study

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Biochemistry Professor Darwin J. Prockop, Chairman; Professors Arthur Allen,
Ralph Heimer, George F. Kalf, Thomas R. ... radiation embryology;
transmembrane signaling, developmental neurobiology; biochemical genetics;
recombinant DNA, cleft ... pathogenesis of infectious disease; cellular
immunology; parasitology; immunoparasitology; molecular virology; ... liver
diseases; subcellular biochemistry; alcohol metabolism, lipid and membrane
biochemistry; control of cellular calcium ...

Subcellular Fractions Advances In Research And Application 2011 Edition

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is an important phenomenon in cell signaling. We have ... Waldeck-Weiermair
and colleagues published their study in Cell Calcium (The contribution of UCP2
and UCP3 to mitochondrial Ca(2+) uptake is differentially determined by the
source of supplied Ca(2+). Cell Calcium, 2010,47(5):433-40). For additional
information, contact M. Waldeck-Weiermair, Institute of Molecular Biology and
Biochemistry, Center of Molecular Medicine, Medical University Graz, Austria. (
2010 JUN 14) ...

Peterson S Guide To Graduate Programs In The Biological Sciences 1997

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Thomas Jefferson University THE FACULTY AND THEIR RESEARCH
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. ... cell and molecular biology of embryonic
development gene expression; growth factors and signal transduction; ....
Research interests: liver diseases; subcellular biochemistry; alcohol metabolism;
lipid and membrane biochemistry; control of cellular calcium homeostasis;
hormone signal transduction mechanisms; developmental aspects of oncology;
biochemical pathology; ...

Subcellular Pathology Of Systemic Disease

Author: Timothy J. Peters
Publisher: Chapman & Hall
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Activated mast cells release, in addition to a low molecular weight chemotactic
factor for the eosinophils, ... This wave of solation is mediated by a local increase
in calcium concentration and by a calcium-dependent actin regulator ... The
locomotor response of the neutrophil is accompanied by a series of biochemical
events that have been recently reviewed by Schiffmann [81]. The sequence is
initiated by binding of the chemoattractant to a cell receptor which generates a
signal that is ...