Sedimentology Sequence Stratigraphy And Brachiopod Biostratigraphy Of The Ordovician Mohawkian Decorah Formation Midcontinent Usa

Author: Norlene René Emerson
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high-frequency sequences (G1-1 end G 1-2) end four cycle sets (CS-I through
CS4V). Cycie set I (CS-I) consists of shale-rich facies wrile the overlying cycle
sets (CS-II through CS-tV) are dominated by carbonate lithotogies. The shale-
rich facies consists of soft, gray to green shales interbedded with thin coquinoid
peckstones and grainstones. The carbonate-rich fades consists of a range of
carbonate textures from basal dominant mudstones and wackestones grading
upward to ...

Carbonate Sequence Stratigraphy

Author: Robert G. Loucks
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Rick Sarg has worldwide experience in integrated seismic-well—outcrop
interpretation of siliciclastic and carbonate sequences. His emphasis has been
on seismic stratigraphy, carbonate sequences, outcrop documentation of seismic
-scale sequences, and Permian basin geology. Rick has authored and
coauthored 15 papers on carbonate sedimentology and stratigraphy. He has
prepared, coordinated, and presented seismic and sequence stratigraphy
seminars to industry for 13 ...

Carbonate Seismology

Author: Ibrahim Palaz
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Both areas, one shallow water (<50 m) and one deep water (>500 m), were
plagued by a “penetration” problem through shallow carbonates and by a
resolution problem of low-relief stratigraphic targets at depth. While the
geologists on our teams had an ample supply of up-to-date sources devoted to
the details of carbonate sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy, those of us
working on the seismic data were left to our own devices. With considerable effort
, we were able to come up ...

Sedimentology Review 1

Author: V. Paul Wright
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sequence. stratigraphy. reflux dolomitizaiion during sea-level tail. arid climate
evaporation _l_ W. MAURICE E. TUCKER Introduction The diagenesis of
carbonate sediments has been a major topic of research for many decades, with
fundamental observations being made by Sorby back in the mid-19th century.
Quaternary carbonate sediments of many regions have now been studied
intensively for the effects of diagenesis, notably in surface and shallow-burial
marine and meteoric ...