Author: Irvin Glassman
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With its clearly articulated physical and chemical processes of flame combustion and smooth, logical transitions to engineering applications, this new edition continues that tradition.


Author: Irvin Glassman
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 0124115551
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For the fifth edition of Combustion, the approach taken of providing students and
practicing professionals with the fundamental physical and chemical principles of
combustion has not changed from the previous editions of the book. The
emphasis remains on clarity of concepts and on elaborating upon the physical
insights essential to understanding. It is hoped that the fifth edition of Combustion
continues to stimulate the reader to think, learn on their own, and empower them
to make ...

Flammability Handbook For Plastics Fifth Edition

Author: Carlos J. Hilado
Publisher: CRC Press
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The most important characteristic of the material in this stage is heat of
combustion, the amount of heat released by the combustion of a unit mass. The
net heat of combustion is the heat released by the combustion reactions, reduced
by the amount of heat required to bring the unit mass from its initial stage to the
combustion stage. If the net heat of combustion is negative, then an external heat
supply is required to continue combustion. If the net heat of combustion is
positive, then the ...

The Chemistry And Technology Of Petroleum Fifth Edition

Author: James G. Speight
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1439873909
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The relatively small portion of the oil that remains after the displacement
mechanisms have acted becomes the fuel for the in situ combustion process.
Production is obtained from wells offsetting the injection locations. In some
applications, the efficiency of the total in situ combustion operation can be
improved by alternating water and air injection. The injected water tends to
improve the utilization of heat by transferring heat from the rock behind the
combustion zone to the rock ...

Air Quality Fifth Edition

Author: Thad Godish
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1466584440
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Emissions of unburned HCs decrease with increased engine speed as the
associated increase in turbulence enhances combustion and postcombustion
mixing and oxidation. They also decrease as the spark is retarded because more
combustion occurs and exhaust gases are hotter. Formation of NOx, which
includes nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and nitrous oxide (N2O), is
highly dependent on combustion chamber temperatures, which are directly
related to A/F ratios.

Principles And Methods Of Toxicology Fifth Edition

Author: A. Wallace Hayes
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9780849337789
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Combustion Techniques Many samples are not amenable to liquid scintillation
counting because they are either solids or otherwise incompatible with LSMs.
Total radioactivity in tissue samples and fecal samples can be determined by
combustion of the sample to carbon dioxide and water. "C in the original sample
is converted to "CO2 and tritium is converted to tritiated water. Combustion
instruments automatically combust samples on a platinum electrode covered with
a glass ...

Solutions Manual For Guide To Energy Management Fifth Edition International Version

Author: Klaus-Dieter E. Pawlik
Publisher: The Fairmont Press, Inc.
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Combustion. Processes. and. the. Use. of. Industrial. Wastes. Problem: What is
the after-tax present worth of the first 5 years of cash flows associated with this
investment if the company uses a constant-euro after-tax rate of return of 8% on
this kind of investment? Given: In Table 7.2, a waste-burning boiler was
described. Assume the capacity of this boiler is 62,000 kg/h. Suppose that these
figures are 5 years old, that your company is contemplating the purchase of such
a boiler, and ...

Sensory Evaluation Techniques Fifth Edition

Author: Gail Vance Civille
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1482208679
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The heat of combustion of a substance at 25 °C can be calculated from the
enthalpy of formation (AfH°) data in the table “Standard Thermodynamic
Properties of Chemical Substances” in this section. We can write the general
combustion reaction as X + O2 % COZ(g) + HZO (l) + other products For a
compound containing only carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, the reaction is simply
C..Hbo. t a+ibigc102 Ha CO2 (g)+%b HZO(1) and the standard heat of
combustion ACH", which is defined ...