Enzyme Kinetics

Author: Irwin H. Segel
Publisher: Wiley-Interscience
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Covers enzyme kinetics from its most elementary aspects to such modern subjects as steady-state, multi-reactant kinetics and isotope exchange.

Enzyme Kinetics For Systems Biology

Author: Herbert M. Sauro
Publisher: Future Skill Software
ISBN: 0982477317
Size: 35.65 MB
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For example different rate laws are generated for the same mechanism
depending on whether one assumes steady state or rapid equilibrium. Additional
mechanisms ... to be assigned. When confronted with sparse kinetic data, the
generalized rate laws described in chapter 8 can be used instead of the
multireacant rate laws. ... Segal I H (1993) Enzyme Kinetics: Behavior and
Analysis of Rapid Equilibrium and Steady-State Enzyme Systems (Wiley Classics
Library) Wiley-Interscience.

Kinetics Of Enzyme Modifier Interactions

Author: Antonio Baici
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3709114020
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Eur J Biochem 128:281–291 Segal HL, Kachmar JF, Boyer PD (1952) Kinetic
analysis of enzyme reactions. I. Further considerations of enzyme inhibition and
analysis of enzyme activation. Enzymologia 15:187–198 Segel IH (1975)
Enzyme kinetics. Behavior and analysis of rapid equilibrium and steady-state
enzyme systems. Wiley, New York Shikita M, Fahey JW, Golden TR, Holtzclaw
WD, Talalay P (1999) An unusual case of 'uncompetitive activation' by ascorbic
acid: purification ...

Handbook Of Food Analytical Chemistry Volume 1

Author: Ronald E. Wrolstad
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0471709093
Size: 45.77 MB
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Water, Proteins, Enzymes, Lipids, and Carbohydrates Ronald E. Wrolstad, Terry
E. Acree, Eric A. Decker, Michael H. Penner, David S. Reid, Steven J. Schwartz,
Charles F. Shoemaker, Denise M. Smith, Peter Sporns. 334 Expression and
Measurement of Enzyme Activity Detecting Enzyme Activity: A Case Study of
Polygalacturonase Polygalacturonase (PGase). Vnnax and ... Enzyme Kinetics:
Behavior and Analysis of Rapid Equilibrium and Steady-State Enzyme Systems.
John Wiley ...

Design And Analysis Of Biomolecular Circuits

Author: Heinz Koeppl
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781441967664
Size: 44.14 MB
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Behavior and analysis of rapid equilibrium and steady-State enzyme systems.
Wiley, Berlin, Germany Segel LA (1988) On the validity of the steady state
assumption of enzyme kinetics. Bull Math Biol 50(6):579–593 Smith LP,
Bergmann FT, Chandran D, Sauro HM (2009) Antimony: a modular model
definition language. Bioinformatics 25(18):2452–2454. doi:10.1093/
bioinformatics/btp401 Sontag ED (1998) Mathematical control theory, 2nd edn.
Springer, Berlin and Heidelberg, ...

Enzyme Kinetics

Author: Alejandro G. Marangoni
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0471461415
Size: 26.93 MB
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Purich, D. L., Ed., Enzyme Kinetics and Mechanism Part D, Developments in
Enzyme Dynamics, Methods in Enzymology, Vol. 249, Academic Press, San
Diego, CA, 1995. Purich, D. L., and R. D. Allison, Handbook of Biochemical
Kinetics, Academic Press, San Diego CA, 1999. Schulz, A. R., Enzyme Kinetics,
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1994. Segel, I. H., Enzyme Kinetics:
Behavior and Analysis of Rapid Equilibrium and Steady-State Enzyme Systems,
John Wiley and ...

Metabolic Engineering

Author: George Stephanopoulos
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080536286
Size: 13.41 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Enzyme Kinetics: From Diastase to Multi-Enzyme Systems. Cambridge:
Cambridge University Press. Schuster, R., Jacobasch, G. & Holshütter, H.-G. (
1989). Mathematical modeling of metabolic pathways affected by an enzyme
deficiency. Energy and redox metabolism of glucose-6-phosphate-
dehydrogenase-deficient erythrocytes. European Journal of Biochemistry
182,605-612. Segel, I. H. (1993). Enzyme Kinetics. Behavior and Analysis of
Rapid Equilibrium and Steady-State ...

The Bioorganic Chemistry Of Enzymatic Catalysis

Author: Myron L. Bender
Publisher: Wiley-Interscience
ISBN: 9780471059912
Size: 48.83 MB
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This text offers for the first time a clear-cut example of the link between organic reaction mechanisms and the study of biochemistry (particularly enzymology)--a link that is sometimes mentioned but infrequently illustrated in practical ...

Drug Acceptor Interactions

Author: Niels Bindslev
Publisher: Co-Action Publishing
ISBN: 9197707104
Size: 36.60 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Single-channel behavior of heteromeric alpha1beta glycine receptors: an attempt
to detect a conformational change before the channel opens. J Neurosci 24:
10924Á10940, 2004. Cha S. Tight-binding inhibitors-I. Kinetic behavior. Biochem
Pharmacol 24: 2177Á2185, 1975. Cheng Y-C & Prusoff WH. Relationship
between the inhibition constant (KI) and the concentration of inhibitor which
causes 50 per cent inhibition (I50) of enzymatic reaction. Biochem Pharmacol 22:
3099Á3108, ...

Henry S Clinical Diagnosis And Management By Laboratory Methods

Author: Richard A. McPherson
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 1455726842
Size: 64.48 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The enzymes. 3rd ed, vol 19. San Diego: Academic Press; 1990. p. 99–158.
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Portland Press; 1995. Dixon M, Webb EC. Enzymes. 3rd ed. San Diego:
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behavior and analysis of rapid equilibrium and steady-state enzyme systems.
New York: Wiley ...