Election Reform

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legislature passes laws and the executive (U.S. President or state governor)
signs them, it is up to the judicial branch of the government, the court system, to
interpret the laws and decide whether they violate any provision of the
Constitution. At the state level, ... For example, a state court may find that a
particular criminal law is valid under the state's constitution, but a federal court
may then review the state court's decision and determine that the law is invalid
under the U.S. Constitution.

Vernon S Annotated Missouri Statutes

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9, 5 12, declaring that the general assembly shall by law uniform in its operation
provide for and regulate the fees of all county officers, and for such purpose may
classify the cojnty by population. Henderson v. Kceniff ... Dillon, 87 Mo. 487. 4.
Elections Under Const.1875, art. ... Technical words 4, 5 Specific examples 5
Unambiguous laws 7 1. in general The primary purpose of statutory construction
ia to ascertain and give effect to the expressed legislative intent. State ex inf.
Taylor, ex ...

Legislative Law And Statutory Interpretation

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The testimony of corporate executives before Congress confirms that many
donors feel they must respond or risk suffering unfavorable treatment at the
hands of their Government. "Extortion, or practices that differ only in being more
genteel, are the ... Congress heard a similar explanation for Ashland Oil's illegal
corporate contributions: I think all we were attempting to do was to assure
ourselves of a forum to be heard. . . . [W]e felt we needed something that would
be sort of a calling ...

Statutes And Statutory Construction

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not relevant for the purpose of interpreting the original legislation.7 This is
especially true when the subsequent legislature makes statements relating to the
intent of the legislature that enacted the statute, particularly when the declaration
is without objective support in ... 48:19 Explanations of initiative and referendum
measures Explanations and informative materials on a proposed bill are often
made available to the public before initiative petitions or referendum elections on
the bill.

Statutory Interpretation

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It also suggested that when this reluctance is overcome, as it was in the case of
the veterinarians, the legislature signals its intention by conferring a power to
make by-laws establishing representative electoral districts. The absence of a
similar provision in the Law Society Act therefore suggested the absence of any
intention to depart from the usual pattern. E. THE LAW OF OTHER
JURISDICTIONS Legislation from other jurisdictions is often relied on in
interpretation, especially if the ...

Uniform Laws Annotated

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West Group, Edward Thompson Company, West Publishing Company, American
Law Institute, National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws.
Comment Library References American Digest System Associations ... See, also,
WESTLAW Electronic Research Guide following the Explanation. t. 1. Section 20
is adapted from RUPA Section 1006(c). ... See, for example, Model Statutory
Construction Act, Section 63. As this Act is remedial, the more limited savings
provisions ...