Photochemistry Of Organic Compounds

Author: Petr Klán
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Such models were also successful in rationalizing trends in series of related
molecules and in describing the electronic structure and reactivity of excited
states. More sophisticated ab initio methods can and will increasingly provide
accurate predictions of excited-state energies, transition moments and excited-
state potential energy surfaces of fairly large organic molecules. However, these
methods are less amenable to generalization, intuitive insight or prediction of
substituent effects.

Modern Molecular Photochemistry

Author: Nicholas J. Turro
Publisher: University Science Books
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1 Organic Photochemistry — An Overview 1.1 Molecular Photochemistry of
Organic Molecules What is "molecular photochemistry"? ... In this book we shall
be concerned with the molecular photochemistry of organic compounds. ...
Although photons are a most convenient means of initiating photochemistry, the
absorption of light is not required to produce electronically excited states, i.e.,
thermal pathways may produce excited states efficiently and can therefore cause
photoreactions ...

Principles Of Molecular Photochemistry

Author: Nicholas J. Turro
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Scheme 1.3 describes an elaboration of the orbital and spin structural detail for
the exemplar photochemical reaction R + hv - > *R -> I(D) -> P. First, we consider
the elaboration of the orbital description of the species along the reaction path (b)
, then we consider an elaboration of ... The electronic configurations of the
ground states of R and P are generally (HO)2(LU)° for ordinary organic
molecules. ... The first excited singlet state is S,, the second excited singlet state
is S2, and so on.

Advanced Organic Chemistry

Author: Francis A. Carey
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 0387448993
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Chemical And Biochemical Technology

Author: Sergei D. Varfolomeev
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1771880449
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Higher Excited States Of Polyatomic Molecules

Author: Melvin Robin
Publisher: Elsevier
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