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Author: Sandi Doughton
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With a 100% chance of a mega-quake hitting the Pacific Northwest, this fascinating book reports on the scientists who are trying to understand when, where, and just how big THE BIG ONE will be. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Timber Harvesting

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full. of. hope. Now. Buzz. Eades. believes. he. was. betrayed. by. his. government.
6. 'The. Earth. Shakes,. The. Crevasse. Widens'. Eades: Forest Conference was
hlgh-profile photo-op for Clinton. 12 TIMBER HARVESTING / FEBRUARY ... We
call this phenomena an earthquake. ... We are separated by powerful forces, not
the least of which are: 0 Bad science and false infonnation; northern California
and the Pacific Northwest, and the people of the timber communities are losing.

Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientists

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Rajan Menon, a professor of international relations at Lehigh University and an
adjunct professor at the Harriman Institute, asserts ^^_^^_ that outside forces and
pressures may cause Japan to become a military superpower in the next century.
.... that the Dalai Lama was interfering in China's domestic affairs, and it staged
elaborate ceremonies in Beijing and Lhasa to anoint a different six-year-old,
whom they formally installed as the eleventh Panchen Lama on December 9. He
was ...

The Cultivator Country Gentleman

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Michigan—Monroe 00., June 9.—Sincc May 15th we have had but one shower
until yesterday it commenced about noon and rained in light showers all the
afternoon and evening; it is just what we need, for the ground was very dry and
crops ... destroying over 7,000 buildings (at a loss of $125,000,000) and some
1,000 human lives; at some points whole families were hemmed in by the flames
and perished in full view of the spectators, who were unable to rescue them, and
tarriblc ...

Government Reports Announcements

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Group 8H — Hydrology and limnology HYDROI.OGIC AND RELATED
CASCADES, Pacific Northwest Forest and Range Experiment Station. Corvallil. ...
The observation and measurement of fluorescent tracer sand movement on the
sea floor under full- scale sea conditions have outlined major elements of the
sediment transport system operative above wave base. Much of this picture had
not heretofore been ...