Intellectual Property Law In France

Author: Nicolas Bouche
Publisher: Kluwer Law International
ISBN: 9041134344
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Lawyers representing parties withinterests in France will welcome this very useful guide, and academics andresearchers will appreciate its value in the study of comparative intellectualproperty law.

Global Intellectual Property Law

Author: Graham Dutfield
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 1848443862
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Dutfield, G. and U. Suthersanen, 'The Innovation Dilemma: Intellectual Property
and the Historical Legacy of Cumulative Creativity', Intellectual Property Quarterly
, 8(4), 379–421,2004, at 392. 81. Article L.112-4, Intellectual Property Code 1992
(France); see also Sterling, para. 6.28. 82. (1923) 40 TLR 186 (PC). 83. Cramp v.
Smythson (1944) AC 329 (House of Lords). 84. CCH Canadian Ltd. v. Law
Society of Upper Canada, (2002) 18 CPR (4th) 161 (emphatically denying that
the ...

American Exceptionalism The French Exception And Digital Media Law

Author: Lyombe S. Eko
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 0739181130
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The French Intellectual Property Law Regime and Collective Works The French
exception is woven into the fabric of the French intellectual property regime,
which is grounded in the Code de la propriété intellectualle (the Code of
Intellectual Property). To the French, the term “copyright” is a rather narrow,
foreign concept that expresses only part of the two-fold intellectual and property
right that accrues to authors. The French equivalent of the word “copyright” is the
expression, “droit ...

Intellectual Property Law

Author: Jay Dratler
Publisher: Law Journal Press
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however, important exclusions from the scope of patentable subject matter are
often codified in the patent statutes. Some of them are codifications of the same
sort of general exclusions, based on policy considerations,45 that the judiciary
created under United States law.46 Others, unlike United States patent law,
remove whole fields of commercial endeavor from the scope of patent protection.
For example, the English and French statutes preclude patents for computer
programs,47 ...

Intellectual Property Law In The European Community

Author: Kathryn Rosenblum
Publisher: WorldTrade Executive, Inc.
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The first statute on trademarks was the Act of June 23, 1857, which remained in
force for almost a century. At that time, trademark rights belonged to the first user.
Trademark filing was then facultative and merely declarative. French trademark
law has been heavily influenced by the concept of property rights. Trademark
protection has thus been largely defined, although trademark owners' obligations
were few, even non-existent at the origin. The Act of December 31, 1964
rendered ...

Intellectual Property Law And History

Author: Steven Wilf
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351562665
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These rulings suggest a judicial view that the act of authorship does not itself
afford a basis for recognizing or maintaining protection of authors' rights. The
prominence of the public interest (and the public domain) in the 1793 law calls to
mind Anglo-American notions of intellectual property. Indeed, an observer closer
to the event noted the similarity. In 1838 Charles-Augustin Renouard, author of
one of the first French copyright treatises, articulated two opposing philosophies
of ...

The Making Of Modern Intellectual Property Law

Author: Martti Koskenniemi
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521563635
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protection was initially suggested by the French.55 The belief that `intellectual
property should pass frontiers and sheets of water and still be property' was
quickly adopted by British writers and publishers.56 While there was occasional
concern about the impact of pirated works upon the quality of literature57 and
widespread acceptance that the free exchange of literary information that the
treaties would promote was desirable, the primary motivation behind the calls for
international ...

Intellectual Property And Private International Law

Author: Toshiyuki Kono
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1847319696
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536 1.3.3. Rules on Conflicts of Law in Tort Matters536 1.3.4. Rules on Conflicts
of Law in Contract Matter..................................................... 536 1.3.5. Rules on
Conflicts of Law in Matters Concerning the Transfer of Property...... 536 1.4.
Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments and Interim Measures............
..... 537 1.4.1. Definition of Foreign Judgment.

Intellectual Property Overlaps

Author: Estelle Derclaye
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1847316514
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This book's aim is to find appropriate rules to regulate overlaps and thereby avoid regime conflicts and undue unstructured expansion of IPRs.

Research Handbook On Intellectual Property And Competition Law

Author: Josef Drexl
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 1848443854
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Intellectual. property,. the. internal. market. and. competition. law. Stefan.
Enchelmaier. 1 Introduction Intellectual property, the internal market and the
Community's competition law are intertwined in several respects. The European
Court of Justice's first judgment on competition law, Consten and Grundig,1 is a
case in point. The distribution agreement there at issue purported to grant
Grundig's exclusive distributor in France, Consten, complete protection against
parallel imports from ...