Muncie 4 Speed Transmissions

Author: Paul Cangialosi
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The Muncie 4-speeds, M20, M21, and M22 are some of the most popular manual transmissions ever made and continue to be incredibly popular.

How To Rebuild And Modify High Performance Manual Transmissions

Author: Paul Cangialosi
Publisher: CarTech Inc
ISBN: 1934709298
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He guides you through the rebuilding process for most major high-performance transmissions, including BorgWarner T10 and super T10, GM/Muncie, Ford Toploader, and Tremec T5. This new edition also contains a complete step-by-step rebuild of ...

Camaro Owner S Handbook

Author: Ron Sessions
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In the Camaro's first few years, more than a third of the ponycars were ordered
with manual gearboxes — a much higher percentage on performance models
such as the SS350, SS396 and Z28. Similarly, a good number of Novas,
Chevelles, Corvettes and even a few Impalas were fitted with 4-speeds. Though
the cast- iron-case Saginaw 4-speed boxes made up a significant portion of the
total, the aluminum-case Muncie 4-speed was the performance-car buyer's
gearbox of choice.

Chevelle Ss Restoration Guide 1964 1972

Author: Paul A. Herd
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Beginning in 1966 a special heavy-duty 4- speed transmission became optional.
It was coded RPO M22. This option was available only with the L78 engine with
no air conditioning. A total of twelve cars had this option in 1966. The production
number for 1967 is not known. 1968-1969 All four-speed transmissions in 1968
were coded HI, and those used on the SS 396 should also be coded with the
letter P in the third digit. This code indicated the manufacturer, in this case

How To Restore Your C3 Corvette

Author: Walt Thurn
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TRANSMISSION .1 ' xua' Baffin? I“ 315M355 This is the location of the date code
stamped on the case ofa Muncie transmission. This is the interpretation of this
code: P is for Muncie, 0 is for 1970, B is for February, and 02 is for the second day
day, and C is for M22. The Muncie 4-speed was optional for all 1968—1974
Corvettes. It was available in wide (M-20) and close ratio (M-21 and M-22).
Muncie production ended in 1974 when it was replaced with units built by Warner
. Here are ...

How To Restore Your Pontiac Gto 1964 1974

Author: Don Keefe
Publisher: CarTech Inc
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1964 to 1974, a variety of transmissions were offered in GTOs. These included
automatics of Super- Turbine 300, Turbo Hydra-Matic 350, Turbo Hydra- Matic
400. A number of manual transmissions were also offered, including the Muncie
M20, M21, and M22, Mun- cie 3-speed, Saginaw 4-speed, and Dearborn
Toploader. Year Code Transmission 1964 X Muncie 3-speed W Muncie wide-
ratio 4-speed 9 Muncie Close-ratio 4-speed J Super Turbine 300 2-speed
automatic 1965 X ...

Chevelle Data Id Guide

Author: Dale McIntosh
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Several manual and one basic automatic transmission were available in 1966
Chevelles. Besides the column-shifted manual 3-speed that was standard in all
1966 Chevelles (except the SS396 series), a column-shifted manual 3-speed
with overdrive was available behind both 6-cylinder engines as well as both 283
and the 327 8-cylinder engines with regular production option (RPO) ordering
code of M10. A floor-shifted aluminum Muncie 4-speed was optional under RPO
M20 and ...

The Car Builder S Handbook

Author: Doug McCleary
Publisher: Penguin
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This gearbox remained essentially unchanged until 1989, when it was beefed up
considerably for improved torque. lt also came equipped with the venerable C-4
automatic. This is an example of a two ... years worth considering. From 1954
through 1980, the Saginaw 3- and 4-speed transmissions were built for mild
performance applications of less than 300 horsepower. From 1957-63, the Borg
Warner 4-speed was used. This was replaced by the '63-74 Muncie 4- speed, but
in late ...

Camaro Firebird Performance Projects 1970 81

Author: Jeff Tann
Publisher: CarTech Inc
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During the muscle car years many Camaros and Firebirds were delivered with 4-
speed transmissions, so if you prefer a stick you can find a variety of 4-5peeds
from the 19605 and early 19705. In the 19605 Chevy and Pontiac used the
Muncie M20, M21, and M22 transmissions; they were strong enough to handle
big-block Chevy and large displacement Pontiac engines. If your Camaro or
Firebird is currently equipped with an automatic transmission and you want to
upgrade it with a ...

1969 Chevrolet Camaro Ss

Author: Bobby Kimbrough
Publisher: CarTech Inc
ISBN: 1613252749
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1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS The TH350 transmission's 3-speed gearing was
contained in a two-piece assembly consisting of a main housing and an
extension housing. The internals consisted of a hydraulic torque converter,
planetary ... transmission's side cover as part of the linkage. The Saginaw 4-
speed transmissions called for different shift rods than the Muncie 4-speed.
Likewise, the Muncie The rugged and reliable Chevy 12-bolt limited-slip
differential was either. In Detail No. 4.