Bioinorganic Chemistry

Author: Rosette M. Roat-Malone
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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3.1 INTRODUCTION 3.1.1 Analytical Instrument-Based Methods Lawrence Que,
Jr., has stated in the preface to Physical Methods in Bioinorganic Chemistry: “By
piecing together the various clues derived from the physical methods,
bioinorganic chemists have been able to form a coherent picture of the metal
binding site and to deduce the role of the metal ion in a number of biological
processes.”1a Physical methods are used for analysis of systems under study by
all chemists, ...

Ispf Professionell Nutzen

Author: Franz Lanz
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Bioinorganic Chemistry

Author: Ei-Ichiro Ochiai
Publisher: Academic Press
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Since then the scope of research on bioinorganic chemistry has greatly
expanded, diversified, and deepened, and the quantity of the literature has
exploded. This book does not attempt to summarize the current status of research
in all the various areas of the field. It also omits discussion of the methods of
research, and hardly deals with biophysical data. For experimental methods,
readers are referred to works such as L. Que's Physical Methods in Bioinorganic
Chemistry (2000) and ...

Spectroscopic Methods In Bioinorganic Chemistry

Author: Edward I. Solomon
Publisher: Amer Chemical Society
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of amicyanin are ...

Mechanistic Bioinorganic Chemistry

Author: H. Holden Thorp
Publisher: American Chemical Society
ISBN: 9780841230620
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Provides an understanding of bioinorganic reactions from a mechanistic point of view. Illustrates how spectroscopy can be used to establish mechanisms and how model compounds provide mechanistic insight for enzymes.

Principles Of Bioinorganic Chemistry

Author: Stephen J. Lippard
Publisher: Univ Science Books
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Cell Biochemistry and Function Lippard and Berg's book should be very useful at academic institutions offering coursework in bioinorganic chemistry. Their style of writing and the book's format are perfect for that audience.

Iron Sulfur Clusters In Chemistry And Biology

Author: Tracey Rouault
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
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University Science Books ...