R For Data Science

Author: Hadley Wickham
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"This book introduces you to R, RStudio, and the tidyverse, a collection of R packages designed to work together to make data science fast, fluent, and fun. Suitable for readers with no previous programming experience"--

R For Data Science Cookbook

Author: Yu-Wei, Chiu (David Chiu)
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Converting data types If we do not specify a data type during the import phase, R
will automatically assign a type to the imported dataset. However, if the data type
assigned is different to the actual type, we may face difficulties in further data
manipulation. Thus, data type conversion is an essential step during the
preprocessing phase. Getting ready Complete the previous recipe and import
both employees.csv and salaries.csv into an R session. You must also specify
column names for ...

Data Science Using Oracle Data Miner And Oracle R Enterprise

Author: Sibanjan Das
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Export. and. Import. an. ODM. Workflow. You can use the export and import
workflow option in SQL Developer to export the data mining workflow and
recreate it in a different environment with ease. You can also utilize this
functionality to store a backup copy of your workflow as and when you do some
significant enhancements on it. The development environment is a place where a
lot of ...

Modern Data Science With R

Author: Benjamin S. Baumer
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Benjamin S. Baumer, Daniel T. Kaplan, Nicholas J. Horton. 1.3.6. EXERCISES
315 Exercise 13.5 Write a full table schema for the mtcars data set and import it
into the database server of your choice. Exercise 13.6 Write a full table schema
for the two tables in the fueleconomy package and import them into the database
server of your choice. Exercise 13.7 Write a full table schema for the five tables in
the nasaweather package and import them into the database server of your

Practical Data Science Cookbook

Author: Prabhanjan Tattar
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Ordinal data is just like categorical data, with one exception. There is a sense of
scale or value to the data. It can be said that one value is larger than another, but
the magnitude of the difference cannot be measured. Furthermore, when
importing data into R, we often run into the situation where a column of numeric
data might contain an entry that is non-numeric. In this case, R might import the
column of data as factors, which is often not what was intended by the data

Data Science In R

Author: Deborah Nolan
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Given the organization and volume of files, we cannot simply read the files into R
by writing calls such as readLines ("messages/easy ham/00006. 3 calf.
399ccaaSq897fecb8 How do we read the contents of the files into R in a more
general, automated, machine-independent manner? And, is readLines () the
function we should use? Let's address the second question first. The manual, R
Data Import/Export [3] describes several functions available to us in R for reading
input from files.

Data Science And Big Data Analytics

Author: EMC Education Services
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In the annual retail sales example, the dataset was imported into Rusing the read
.csv() function as in the following code. sales <- read.csv("c:/data/yearly_sales.
csv") R uses a forward slash (/) as the separator character in the directory and file
paths. This convention makes scriptfiles somewhat more portable at the expense
of some initial confusion on the part of Windows users, who may be accustomed
to using a backslash (\) as a separator. To simplify the import of multiplefiles with

Data Science For Dummies

Author: Lillian Pierson
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If you're an R user and you're accustomed to using the simple R Markdown
syntax to create web pages, you'll be happy to know that you can easily embed
both rCharts and rMaps in R Markdown. If you prefer Python to R, Python ... the
web for the data you need. I mention the general ideas behind web-scraping in
Chapter 18, but in the following sections, I elaborate a bit more on the free tools
you can use to scrape data or images, including import.io, ImageQuilts, and

Practical Data Science With Hadoop And Spark

Author: Ofer Mendelevitch
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
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There is no need to combine these files into one entity because all Hadoop tools
can manage multiple files as input. Click here to view code image $ hdfs difs –ls
sqoop-mysql-import/canada-city Found 5 items – row— r—— r—— 2 username
holfs O 2014–08–18 21:31 sqoop-mysql-import/canada– city/_SUCCESS – row
r—— r—— 2 username holfs 175 2014–08–18 21:31 sqoop-mysql-import/
canada– city/part-m-OOOOO – row— r—— r—— 2 username holfs 153 2014–08
–18 ...

The Essentials Of Data Science Knowledge Discovery Using R

Author: Graham J. Williams
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1351647490
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The required plot is a bar chart comparing the export and import totals for
Australia and the largest 17 ports over a specific period of time. A common step is
to “rotate” the dataset using tidyr::gather() as we do here. Prior to the tidyr::gather
() the dataset has the four columns named period, location, export, and import.
The result of the tidyr::gather() is a dataset with four columns named period,
location, type, and value. The variable type has the values Import and Export and
value is the ...