Ladies Home Journal

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In the early days of our marriage Ruth was affectionate and warm, but for a long
while she has been cool and distant. In the evenings she is too busy and
preoccupied, too tired from the burdens of the housework, the children and her
studies, to be interested in love-making. In the mornings I have to gulp breakfast
and leave by six-thirty at the latest. Occasionally I tell myself that my hunger for
affection and approval may explain my drinking. Alcohol seems not only to
release me from the ...

Kayitsizlik Senligi

Author: Milan Kundera
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Arka Kapak Kayıtsızlık Şenliği, Milan Kundera’nın 2003’de yayımlanan Bilmemek’ten sonra kimsenin beklemediği bir anda çıkagelen yeni romanı.

The New Schaff Herzog Encyclopedia Of Religious Knowledge

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Children at Worship had opened the way for dealing faithfully with inherited
doctrines, and for permitting the historic faith to speak for itself out of its full,
variegated context. ... 1910; also The Journal of Religion, e»p. ... Bibliography :
Ruth Strang, An Introduction to Child Study, 1951; A. T. Jersild, Child Ptyehologv,
1947; Marian E. Breckenridge and E. Lee Vincent, Child Development, 1949;
Arnold Gesell and Frances Ilg, Child Development, 1949; Grace Langdon and
Irving W. Stout, ...

The Gurara Journal Of Humanity Studies

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Ogedengbe Bamidele (ISSN 1596-048x)2001 P.75–80 Also, the power of love
was very strongly manifested in Ruth such that after the death of her husband;
she kept her marital vows. In today's society, marital vows are hardly kept, even
while both partners are ... people,. and your God my God”. ... It is also, to raise
children to continue the biological lineage, to cater for the widow in the family,
and also to promote and preserve the right of womanhood. All these were done
in the case of ...

Fke Dansi

Author: Harriet Goldhor Lerner
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Anger is something we feel. It exists for a reason and always deserves our respect and attention. We have a right to everything we feel-- and certainly our anger is no exception.