Serous Effusions

Author: Ben Davidson
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Featuring multiple microscopic illustrations of all diagnostic entities and ancillary techniques (immunhistochemistry and molecular methods), this book provides a comprehensive, authoritative guide to all aspects of serous effusions, ...

A System Of Practical Medicine Comprised In A Series Of Original Dissertations Arranged And Ed By A Tweedie

Author: System
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Symptoms of acute hydrocephalus. — Division into stages or periods. —
Symptoms. — Of the first stage. — Of the second stage. — Of the third stage. —
Forms of acute hydrocephalus. — Gradual or subacute. — Rapid or acute. —
Sudden or hyperacute. —Anatomical characters. — Predisposing causes. —
Exciting causes. — Diagnosis. — Prognosis. — Treatment. The above term (from
Siap, water, and Ke<paKii, the head) was formerly applied to serous effusions
occurring either in ...

A System Of Practical Medicine Comprised In A Series Of Original Dissertations Dissertations On Nervous Diseases By J Hope J C Prichard J H Bennett R H Taylor T Thomson

Author: Alexander Tweedie
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Two forms, acute and chronic.—Symptoms of acute hydrocephalus.—Division
into stages or periods.-Symptoms.-Of the first stage.—Of the second stage.—Of
the third stage—Forms of acute hydrocephalus.-Gradual or subacute.—Rapid or
acute.—Sudden or hyperacute.—Anatomical characters.-Predisposing causes.—
Exciting causes.- Diagnosis.-Prognosis.-Treatment. The above term (from £8wp
water, and xsoaxi, the head) was formerly applied to serous effusions, occurring
either ...

A System Of Practical Medicine Comprised In A Series Of Original Dissertations

Author: Alexander Tweedie
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Prognosis of dropsy. — General principles of treatment. — Cardiac dropsy. —
Indicatious that dropsy originates in cardiac disease. — Forms of cardiac disease
that induce it, and progress of the dropsical effusion. — Renal dropsy. ...
Condition of the urine — of the blood. — Incidental complications. — Causes of
the renal disorganisation. — Acute or Febrile Dropsy. — Nature, symptoms, and
causes. — Dropsy following scarlet fever. — Treatment of general dropsy — of
acute or febrile ...

Textbook Of Critical Care

Author: Jean-Louis Vincent
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TABLE 65-2 Transudates Congestive heart failure Atelectasis Hepatic
hydrothorax Hypoalbuminemia Iatrogenic: extravascular migration of central
venous catheter Exudates Parapneumonic effusions: uncomplicated
Parapneumonic ... reaches maximum volume by 72 h Effusion resolves in 1-3 wk,
may require steroids Requires no specific therapy, resolves in days to weeks
Requires no specific therapy, effusions resolve as ARDS resolves With early
diagnosis, prognosis good with ...

A Treatise On The Diseases Of Infancy And Childhood

Author: Job Lewis Smith
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165 membrane in the croup of measles I have seen extend so far down the air-
passages, that tracheotomy could not have been attended by any decided
amelioration of symptoms. ... There are others of less frequent occurrence,
among which may be mentioned congestion of the brain, with or without serous
effusion. Stomatitis ... In Symptoms—Complications: Capillary Bronchitis, True
Croup, Pneu- monitis—Anatomical Characters—Nature — Diagnosis

Injuries Of The Eye

Author: Harry Vanderbilt Würdemann
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A. Abrasions and wounds — Pathology — Infections — Tuberculosis — Opening
of Tenon's capsule — Traumatic conjunctivitis — Occupational — Treatment. B.
Foreign bodies — Etiology and symptomsDiagnosisPrognosis
Examination and therapy. C. Ophthalmia nodosa — Etiology and mechanism —
Course — DiagnosisPrognosisTherapy. D. Injuries by blunt objects —
Conjunctival ecchymosis — Hematoma — Serous effusion — Edema —
Chemosis ...

Henry S Clinical Diagnosis And Management By Laboratory Methods

Author: Richard A. McPherson
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
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Lowgrade nonHodgkin lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) may
be difficult to distinguish from benign lymphocyterich serous effusion (Fig. ...
Although not of much assistance in diagnosing the cause of an effusion,
eosinophilia appears to be independently associated with longer survival (
Rubins, 1996). ... Pleural fluid pH measurement has the highest diagnostic
accuracy in assessing the prognosis of parapneumonic (pneumoniarelated)
effusions (Heffner, 1995).

A Dictionary Of Practical Medicine

Author: James Copland
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CHOREA — DiagnosisPrognosisCauses. rheumatism and cardiac disease
, some writers sap* pose that it hag been caused by simultaneous rheumatic
disease of the membranes of the chord, whilst Dr. Begdib and others think it
should be ... effusion into the pericardium, a thin, pale, and flabby state of the
walls of the heart, and other lesions of this viscus or of its valves; and congestion,
inflammatory action, ianpuineous and serous effusions, or ossific and calcareous
deposits, ...

Pulmonary Tuberculosis And Its Complications With Special Reference To Diagnosis And Treatment

Author: Sherman Grant Bonney
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CHAPTER LIII FADE Treatment of Serous Effusion 366-372 General Measures —
Absorption of Pleural Effusion — Indications and Contraindications for Aspiration
— Rules for the Performance of Aspiration. ... and Peritoneum 395-411
CHAPTER LVI I Tuberculosis of the Pericardium 395-403 Etiologic and
Pathologic Data — Varieties — Symptoms of Peri- • cardial Effusion — Physical
Signs — Course and PrognosisDiagnosisTreatment of Effusion Adherent