Teaching Climate Change To Adolescents

Author: Richard Beach
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351995952
Size: 40.25 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Visit the website for this book for additional information and links. All royalties from the sale of this book are donated to Alliance for Climate Education.

Supported Literacy For Adolescents

Author: Catherine Cobb Morocco
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470639628
Size: 32.99 MB
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CLOSE-UP Understanding Climate Change Some things that wouldn't normally
happen are happening. Like last week, there was a hail storm in Jasper where I
go to camp. And it was 70 degrees before that. It was just sort of a very bizarre
coincidence. But I've never gotten sunburned in my life before this summer. If you'
ve ever seen An Inconvenient Truth, the pictures of polar bears swimming around
the ...

Love In The Time Of Climate Change

Author: Brian Adams
ISBN: 9780996087209
Size: 74.89 MB
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How about all of the above! Who would have thought climate change could be so funny! Actually, it really isn't, but Love in the Time of Climate Change, a romantic comedy about global warming, is guaranteed to keep you laughing.

Climate Change From Pole To Pole

Author: Juanita M. Constible
Publisher: NSTA Press
ISBN: 1933531231
Size: 71.65 MB
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She is the author of six research articles in scientific journals and seven articles
in science education journals . This is her first book . Luke Sandro received his
MAT in biological science education from Miami University after exploring various
other fields . He has been teaching biology at Springboro High School, in Ohio,
for seven years . He loves teaching adolescents because it is never boring and
because he gets slightly better at it every year . He has enjoyed working with Lee
and ...

Adolescent Literature As A Complement To The Content Areas

Author: Paula Greathouse
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1475831692
Size: 47.31 MB
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This text offers 6th - 12th grade educators guided instructional approaches for including young adult (YA) literature in science and math classes in order to promote literacy development while learning content.


Author: John W. Santrock
Publisher: WCB/McGraw-Hill
Size: 74.60 MB
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Insets on the need for more systematic use of peers in the educational system,
communication styles of adolescent peer counselors, assertiveness training
programs for adolescents who do not communicate effectively with their peers,
group activities of adolescent boys, intervention strategies for helping
adolescents who have difficulty in dating, and adolescent moral reasoning
concerning abortion. Chapter 7 Schools The social climate of adolescents at
school. The nature of the ...

Uprooting And Development

Author: George V. Coelho
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1468437941
Size: 38.34 MB
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Educational programs and services can support the successful adjustment of
adolescents by focusing on the most important factor in their lives, their family. A
supportive family climate helps adolescents to consolidate changes by teaching
ways to maintain equilibrium and establish a sense of purposeful direction. By
translating the behavior patterns of supportive families into teachable concepts,
professionals can help parents improve the quality of life for themselves and their
children ...

Population Studies Key Issues And Contemporary Trends In Ghana

Author: Badasu, Delali Margaret
Publisher: Sub-Saharan Publishers
ISBN: 9988647743
Size: 38.37 MB
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Current research projects at RIPS include the following - Gendered social context
of adolescent HIV risk behaviour; Type II diabetes and obesity among native and
migrant Ghanaian populations; Task-shifting for cardiovascular risk assessment;
... Global study on child poverty and disparities 2007- 2008; Climate change risk
communication framework for coastal urban development policy; Climate change
and human health in Accra; Food security and adaptation to climate change in ...

Weird Weather

Author: Kate Evans
Publisher: Groundwood Books
ISBN: 9780888998385
Size: 55.53 MB
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A series of comic strips discusses global warming, including its causes, effects, and the political and social efforts to stop or reduce it, from the point of view of a mad scientist, fat cat businessman, and committed teenager.

Adolescents And Their Families

Author: Richard M. Lerner
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131784274X
Size: 31.10 MB
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Thus, 78% of the early adolescents in our sample moved to classrooms with low-
efficacy teachers in the seventh grade. The potential impact of such a shift on the
motivation and self-perceptions of early adolescents, especially those having
difficulty mastering the academic material, is frightening. We know, in particular,
that teachers' low expectations for their students undermine the motivation and
performance of low-achieving students (Eccles & Wigfield, 1985). Moving from a
high- ...