The 39 Mile Path Of Destruction

Author: J.T. Carruthers
ISBN: 9781465334671
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This book is primarily a picture book recording the damage from the 1 Jun 2011 tornado that swept through western and central Massachusetts.

Climatological Data National Summary

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i Number of persons ; i Estimated damage Property (exclusive of crops) Toxas
acfaddin, victoria County ---sota -or-n-and central por----- Il-L-I-OIs Extre-e north-
estern por---- FLORIDA -e-t PalBeach, Palm Beach County C-L-I-Fornia central
coast southern coastal basin ... 10-mile path of destruction not continuous.
Observer at Ogden Dunes reported peak wind gust of 67 m.p.h., at 6:39 p.m.
shortly afterwards small pebbles found at toll road interchange 2 miles south of
chesterton which ...

Monthly Weather Review

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SEVERE. LOCAL. STORMS. FOR. FEBRUARY. 1947. (The table hereunder
contains such data as have been received concerning severe local storms that
occurred during the month. Л revised list will appear in the United States
Meteorological Yearbook] > Miles instead of yards.

Annual Reports Of The War Department

Author: United States. War Department
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Pctersburgh, Va, 13th, about 5 p. m., heaviest storm for years; rain fell in torrents,
and the wind rcachedan estimated velocity of over 60 miles per hour; many
buildings were unroofed and others demolished; trees, fences, signs, awnings,
and chimneys were destroy cd in various parts of the city; beyond the city the loss
to farmers from damage to their crops and orchards was very great. Franklin, N. 0.
, 13th, very violent south— west storm; path of destruction from 1 to 1% miles

Climatological Data

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Winter wheat filled rapidly during the month and early varieties were ready for
binding in the southern and central portions and some fields of oats and barley
had been cut by the end of May. The cotton crop ... Few farm buildings escaped
destruction. At several places ... The path of the storm was about 25 miles long,
extending from a point 2 miles west of Fox, eastward through the towns of
Clemscot and Woodford, to the Ard- more Airport and Springer, on highway No.
77. No deaths ...

Annual Report

Author: United States. Army. Signal Corps
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Franklin, N. C., 13th, very violent southwest storm; path of destruction from 1 to 13
miles wide. ... Milton, Pa., 6th, violent southwest storm; several buildings and also
fences and trees blown down; path of destruction narrow. ... Western Gulf States,
95.1; Lower Lake region, 92.7; Upper Lake region, 87.0; Tenneseee and Ohio
Valley, 88.7; Upper Mississippi Valley, 80.7; Lower Missouri Valley, 80.1;
Northern Pacific Coast region, 67.9; Central Pacific Coast region, 100.0;
Southern Pacific ...

Climatological Data For The United States By Sections

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In addition, a number of other storms of tornadic character occurred in different
parts of the State on the 23d, and caused less damage chiefly because their
paths were through practically open country. They were ... Width of path of
greatest destruction, about one-fourth mile. ... The central part of Harrison County,
about 1 mile north of Corydon. at 3.30 p. m. The tornado swept west-east in a
path from one-fourth to one-half ' mile wide, doing considerable damage to
buildings on farms.

Official Associated Press Almanac

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23, 1969, the Hazelhurst Tornado cut a 115-mile path of death and destruction
from Natchez to central Mississippi, killing 29 people. On Aug. 6, a rash ... These
were Arizona, Arkansas, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York,
North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. ...
Virtually all the damage, in nine states and Puerto Rico, wes the result of
earthquakes occurring from 1865 through 1966; almost 62 percent of them were
In California.

Climatological Data New England

Author: United States. Environmental Data Service
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The western belt fared not-too-badly as regards rainfall in comparison with the
major portion of New England, es— pecially the eastern and southeastern
sectors where a number of stations reported a mere few hundredths of an inch
during the entire month. Massachusetts ... On the morning of the 27th, a line-
squall developed over the northeastern corner of Massachusetts and swept
rapidly out to sea along a path approximately twenty miles long and ten miles
wide. Hardest hit by the ...

Popular Science

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By (Continued from page 39) evening it was over Washington, D. C., and
Western New England. By the next ... And, in the early Nineteenth Century, when
volcanoes in the Sunda Islands, near Sumatra, exploded like great bombshells
and hurled thirty-six cubic miles of rock, dirt, and dust into the sky, the particles
circled the globe several times. They resulted in ... Between 10 a.m. and midnight
on a single day, sixty tornadoes left a trail of destruction across central and
southern states.