The Temple Of Apollo Bassitas The Sculpture

Author: Frederick A. Cooper
Publisher: ASCSA
ISBN: 9780876619476
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The definitive publication of the Temple of Apollo at Bassai, in the northwest Peloponnese, this is one of four volumes representing the culmination of years of study by Professor Fred Cooper of the University of Minnesota and other ...

The Temple Of Apollo Bassitas The Architecture

Author: Frederick A. Cooper
Publisher: ASCSA
ISBN: 0876619464
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At this spot the ex-voto would have stood at the culmination of the sacred way to
the temple; it stood there, however, for only two generations before it went as a
gift for the founding of the city of Megalopolis. My reasons for making Apollo
Epikourios distinct from Apollo Bassitas are several: (1) unequivocally, Apollo
Bassitas is the reigning deity of the site (IG V ii 429; Appendix A:2); (2) the name
Epikourios remained attached to the statue even in Megalopolis (Pausanias, 8.30
.3; ...

Greek Architecture And Its Sculpture

Author: Ian Jenkins
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674023888
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From Athens and Arcadia on one side of the Aegean Sea and from Ionia, Lycia, and Karia on the other, this book brings together some of the great monuments of classical antiquity--among them two of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the ...

The Ceremonial Sculptures Of The Roman Gods

Author: Brian Madigan
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004227237
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This study examines the visual and textual evidence for free-standing images of gods which functioned ceremonially in order to determine the distinct formats, the defining characteristics, and in which ceremony or ceremonies each type ...

Greek Architectural Polychromy From The Seventh To Second Centuries B C

Author: James Bruce Summitt
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No trace of color or patterning has been reported for either the reversa or the
tympanum face. Psc: Sculpture in large grained (Island?) marble is extant from
both pediments of this building, but the theme of neither is clear (ibid., pp. 175-
176). No trace of color or patterning has been reported for any of the extant
fragments. Other: - D64. Temple of Apollo at Bassae This building has been
thoroughly investigated by F. Cooper and his team, and the results are published
in a series which ...


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Brian C. Madigan: The Temple of Apollo Bassitas. II: The Sculpture. With
contributions by Frederick A. Cooper. Princeton, New Jersey: American School of
Classical Studies at Athens 1992. XXI, 135 S. 13 Zeichnungen und Textabb. 68
Taf. 40. 50 $. Die Arbeit ist der zweite Band der von F. A. Cooper geplanten
vierbändigen Reihe, in der der erste Band die Architektur des Tempels, der dritte
die photographische und zeichnerische Dokumentation der aufgefundenen
Architekturteile ...

The Archaic Style In Greek Sculpture

Author: Brunilde Sismondo Ridgway
Publisher: Ares Publishers
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For the dating of the Temple of Apollo at Bassai, see the excavational evidence
mentioned by N. Yalouris, AAA 6 (1973) 39-55, esp. 44 and (in translation) 54. A
book by F. Cooper is in press with the American School of Classical Studies at
Athens; B. Madigan, The Temple of Apollo Bassitas 2, on the sculptures,
appeared at the end of 1992. The Argive Heraion burned down in 423 (Paus.
2.17.7) and its replacement must of necessity postdate this event. The Epidauros
Asklepieion is ...

Weeping Rocks

Author: Dena Mildred Gilby
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Although his conclusion that the sculptures came from the Temple of Apollo
Epikourios at Bassae has been definitively disqualified by the archaeological
evidence of Cooper, The Temple of Apollo at Bassae. (NY: Garland, 1978) and
idem. The Temple of Apollo Bassitas . (Princeton: Princeton University Press,
1992- ) , the seven criteria for pedimental sculpture that he profers are sound and
thus deserving of close attention. 188 He offers the following guidelines: 1)
pedimental ...

The Cambridge Ancient History The Fifth And Fourth Centuries B C

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Height 64 cm) C. Hofkes-Brukker and A. Mallwitz, Der BassaiFries (Munich, 1975
); N. Yalouris, 'Problems relating to the temple of Apollo Epikourios at Bassai', in
Acta of the X] I C C A : Greece and Italy in the Classical World (London, 1979) 89-
104; Ridgway, FC 94-6; Stewart, GS ch. 14.2; B.C. Madigan, The Temple of
Apollo Bassitas ll (The Sculptures. Ed., F.A. Cooper. Princeton, 1992). 10. Marble
acroterium and figures from the east pediment of the temple of Asclepius at
Epidaurus, ...