The Trans Am Era

Author: Daniel Lipetz
ISBN: 9781935007203
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The Trans-Am series featured classic American cars like the Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro in some of the most competitive motor racing ever seen. This book brings back all the excitement of the series through hundreds of photographs.

The Cars Of Trans Am Racing 1966 1972

Author: David Tom
Publisher: CarTech Inc
ISBN: 1613250517
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His immaculate cars live on, some under the care of son Bryan (not shown) and
Crew Chief Dave McGaughey (far right, hat resting on chair), who took most of
the Skanes' Collection photos. reread, and edited the text, as much as anyone
could who is not exactly enamored with racing of any kind. Thanks sweetheart!
Special thanks go out to Neil Karolek, for without him I would have been severely
handicapped in researching and hunting for the old Trans-Am cars. Neil was my

Trans Am The Pony Car Wars 1966 1971

Author: Dave Friedman
ISBN: 9781610592260
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Barry Tenin, Pete Luongo, Joe Corbett, Veovich, Bob Tronolone, and the Hot Rod
Magazine Photo es have contributed some wonderful images that helped this
book the best possible photographic history that could rented to the Trans-Am's
many fans and ... Al Craighead, public relations manager of SCCA Pro Raci
allowed me to copy all of the Trans- Am final result sheets from years between
1966 and 1972. ... Why did the Trans-Am series become so popi with the fans of
this era?

Popular Mechanics

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race Stirling Moss at 160 mph in 30-year-old race cars as vintage racing sweeps
the nation. BY RICH TAYLOR, Contributing Editor Photo by Art Eastman t's one
lap from the end, and all I can do is watch a the small red car grows larger in my
mirrors. In true ... Can- Am, Formula One, and Trans- Am cars from the 1966-1972
era are just coming into popularity, and consequently getting very expensive.

Photography A Handbook Of History Materials And Processes

Author: Charles Swedlund
Publisher: Henry Holt & Co
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Real Dreams, Photo- stories Danbury, NH: Addison House, 1977. . Sequences
Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1972. Axno Bafael Mlnkklnen Minkkinen, Arno
Rafael. Frostbite. Dobbs Ferry, NY: Morgan & Morgan, 1978. Richard MUiach
Misrach, Richard. Telegraph 3 AM. San Francisco: Cornucopia Press, 1974.
Lisette Modal Lisette Model. Millerton, NY: Aperture, 1979. Ldszlo Mohory-Nagy
Haus, Andreas. Moboly-Nagy: Photographs and Photograms Trans. Frederic

Aleksandr Rodchenko

Author: Varvara Aleksandrovna Rodchenko
ISBN: 9780870700644
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1 of 1966: 387-418. Stepanova, Varvara. "Rabochii klub: Konstruktivist A. M.
Rodchenko." Sovremmenaia Arkhitektura no. 1 of 1926: 36. Summer, Susan
Cook, and Gail Harrison Roman. "Cinematic Whimsy: Rodchenko's Photographic
... New York: Knopf, and London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1966. Bojko, Szymon
. Netv Graphic Design in Revolutionary Russia. New York: Praeger Publishers,
1972. Bowlt, John E., ed. and trans. Russian Art of the Avant-Garde: Theory and
Criticism, ...

Road Track

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1 c with full-color photographs, with comments 6. opinions Of tfc era ft to the
Shelby Oaytona Cobra Coupee, plus special bodied cars like the Wlllment 7 line
Ghia. Also includes the stoiy of the cars creation .... ARCA, ASA Trans-Am. IUSA
KeUy Anw lean Challenge Champion Spark Plug Challenge. SCCA Wi
RabbiirBilsietn Coo R*> nsult/Facom Cup. Cart. PPG & Indy. Super leae. off roed.
pro-rally. Can Am. For mula Mondial. Grand Na honal. Winston West & For
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