Tuttle Compact Japanese Dictionary 2nd Edition

Author: Samuel E. Martin
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Japanese-English English-Japanese Samuel E. Martin ... dóa ドア; (hinged)
hiraki-do 開き戸・ひらき戸; (opaque sliding) fusuma ふすま・襖; door wing, door of
a gate tobira 扉・とびら doorbell n suzu 鈴・スズ, béru ベル, yobirin 呼び鈴
doorknob n ...

Using Japanese Synonyms

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doa ドア tobira 扉 2-3 (esphinged) door(ofbuilding, cupboard etc; alsofigurative)
to 戸(esp sliding) door(ofbuilding, room etc) doa ドア(western-style, usu hinged)
door (ofbuilding,room,vehicle etc) door genkan/mon/densha/shokki-dana/kinko
no ...

A Dictionary Of Japanese Loanwords

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Also, three Ks. Jobs with an image of what the Japanese call "the three Rs" —
kitanai, kitsui, kiken [dirty, difficult, dangerous) ... A1) [translation of son kē (3 K)
three Ks] 1991 (AS) tobira [təbáirə] n. an evergreen shrub, Pittsosporum tobira.

Effects Of Gaseous Air Pollution In Agriculture And Horticulture

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... loblolly pine Pisum sativum garden pea Pittosporum tobira Japanese
pittosporum plane Platanus occidentalis Plantago lanceolata ribwort, ribgrass,
English plantain Platanus occidentalis buttonwood, American plane tree plum
Prunus spp.

Flora Of The Maltese Islands

Author: Hans Christian Weber
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4 TI 1 English: Tobira, Japanese Cheesewood, Mock Orange Family:
Pittosporaceae (Pittosporum family) Main Synonyms: Euonymus tobira Thunb.
Country of origin: Asia (China, Japan). Found in: Anthropomorphic sites, urban
areas (e.g. ...

Poisonous Plants Of California

Author: Thomas C. Fuller
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... wavy margins; flowers solitary or few in a cluster, dark purple Pittosporum
tobira, Japanese Pittosporum, Tobira, Mock Orange; from Japan; shrub or small
tree; leaves obovate, about 4 in. long, revolute margins; flowers creamy white,
fragrant ...

English Loanwords In Japanese

Author: Akira Miura
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A Selection: Learn Japanese Vocabulary the Easy Way with this Useful
Japanese Phrasebook, Dictionary & Grammar ... to quiz contests, especially radio
or TV quiz programs, which began with Nijū no Tobira ("Twenty Questions") after
World ...

Japanese English And English Japanese Dictionary By J C Hepburn

Author: James Curtis Hepburn
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TOBI-IRO, n. awk's color, a light brown. TOBX-KIRI. Superfine, extra ood. Tom-
Kosni, n. The game 0 leap-frog. TOBl-NO-MONO, n. Firemen, persons who carry
fire-hooks. also workmen who assist in erecting the frames of houses. TOBIRA, n.

Archaeology Of Asia

Author: Miriam T. Stark
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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(in Japanese). In Jomon no tobira (The Jomon world '96). Organizing Committee
of the JomonWorld '96 Exhibition, ed. ... and Yasushi Kojo 1998 Archaeological
Studies of Japan: Current Studies of the Jomon Archaeology (in English).