Toxic Cocktail

Author: Barbara Demeneix
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190260939
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Children born to women exposed to thyroid-disrupting chemicals have lower IQs and more neurodevelopmental disorders in autism and ADHD, among others.

Poisoned Planet

Author: Julian Cribb
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
ISBN: 1760110469
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A poisoned planet is the price we pay for our lifestyle, but Julian Cribb shows we have the tools to clean it up and create a healthier, safer future for us all.

Native Americas

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Geographically, the Arctic could not be in a worse position for toxic pollu- Even as
traditional Inuit food sources return to popularity, they also are being threatened
by widespread pollution that has made many traditional food sources unsafe.
Toxicity in some cases extends even to mothers' milk. tion, as a ring of industry in
Russia, Europe, and North America pours pollutants northward. "As we put our
babies to our breasts we are feeding them a noxious, toxic cocktail," said Sheila ...

The Encyclopedia Of Global Warming Science And Technology I Z

Author: Bruce Elliott Johansen
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780313377068
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Sometimes, she brought diplomats to tears as she described the effects of
persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and global warming on Inuit peoples. She
also extended cooperation among ... Native people whose diets consist largely of
sea animals (whales, polar bears, fish, and seals) have been consuming a
concentrated toxic chemical cocktail. Abnormally high levels of ... in Inuit mothers'
breast milk. "As we put our babies to our breasts we are feeding them a noxious,
toxic cocktail ...

The Listener

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THE LISTENER 25 June 1987 Chris Bryer and Phil Craig Contaminated water
The chemical cocktail in your tap- water Robert Phillis Strains within the ITV
system Now is the. Stella Malone lives with her young family in a small flat in
Edinburgh. Every morning she unwittingly feeds her six-month-old baby a mild
dose of poison. The poison is lead, and it comes ... of the most dangerous of all
toxins. It attacks the developing brains of young children, markedly reducing their


Author: Rose Shapiro
Publisher: Random House Uk Limited
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'You probably don't realise that you are bombarded by toxins every day. These
come from pollutants in the air, cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes, detergents,
household chemical and toxic metals in the environment such as mercury and
lead. And then there's the cocktail of pesticide residues and artificial additives in
your food as well as the toxins found in alcohol, caffeine, drugs and medications.'
84 It is a shame that Carol Vorderman, with her superb mathematical skills,
appears to ...

National Geographic

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GEOGRAPHY Most Polluted Places Filthy air, foul water, and sullied soil mark an
environmental group's Dirty Thirty. DZERZHINSK, RUSSIA ... poisoning air and
water. "When you live in a cocktail of heavy metals or chemicals, your body
struggles every day to survive," says Richard Fuller, head of the Blacksmith
lnstitute, an environmental nonprofit. The group's annual report on the world's
most polluted places aims to unite government, industry, and citizens to clean up
toxic sites.