Written In Water

Author: Irena Salina
Publisher: National Geographic Books
ISBN: 1426206038
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These are all people who are thinking far beyond the realm of self; they are devoted to creating a better world for all of us.

National Geographic

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"My camera might be broken, but these people are ecological refugees." NG
BOOKS Filmmaker Irena Salina brings together the voices of Bill McKibben.
Sylvia Earle, and more in Written in Water: Messages of Hope for Earth's Most
Precious Resource ($26). It's in bookstores now. Next month look for Running
Dry, Jonathan Waterman's account of the Colorado River He chronicles his 2008
trip from source to sea in this book that is at once an adventure saga and a
cautionary tale ($26).

Popular Science Monthly

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editors note Saving the Ocean Planet We live on a water world, the only such
planet in the solar system. From time immemorial, we have been fed by the sea,
navigated it, feared its power, and marveled at the magically diverse life harbored
there. The sea covers two-thirds of Earth's surface but provides more than 99
percent of Earth's actual living space. ... I hope you enjoy this Ocean Planet issue
and that it helps give you new insights into our planet's most precious resource.

Congressional Record

Author: United States. Congress
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According to the American Solar Energy Society, enough sunlight falls on the
earth's surface each minute to meet world energy demand for an entire year. http
:// www.powerhousetv.com/. The above info blows ... I would hope someone or
entity would do Something soon before it is too late. ... Since recycling Conserves
precious natural resources, over the past 9 years, the city has been heating two
shop buildings with used motor oil that residents have placed at the curb for

Country Life

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... fields into prairies, or as officials ordering the roadside grass to be sprayed with
noxious chemicals, are responsible for what is happening to our countryside. "
Britain," he writes, "which led the world in the wise management of the landscape
, has now fallen far behind the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Russia and the
United States in ensuring that the earth's natural resources of water, soil, plant
and animal life are not sadly misused." But Mr. Christian has some messages of
hope ...

New Scientist

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Madly affected with a fever to produce more and more technologically advanced
foods at whatever cost to the Earth's resources, including people, mankind
crashes blindly on down suicide avenue. The end is not far off and if a halt is not
called, the Earth will die and die horribly. That, in a nutshell is Bellini's message
and even that is incomplete , for there is no mention of more recent terrors, such
as ozone holes and CFCs. I suppose there is a danger that the book is written too

Cassell S Illustrated Family Paper

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(The message, come at last to hand— Long past the time you need it— Is one
you cannot understand; Lucky if you can read it i That mighty boon, the telegraph,
The latest of earth's wonders, With ill-paid clerks, ill-ordered stafl', “Yields but ....
an hour before we design anything more graceful, yet more useful and more true
withal than the common household pottery of the Romans—their wine vessels,
the very spouts which took the water from their roofs, the utensils of the kitchen,
the ...

Parapsychology And Self Deception In Science

Author: Robert A. McConnell
Publisher: R A McConnell
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I quote: There has been little direct interaction among the agencies' sectorial
models. . . . Difficulties also arise from multiple allocation of resources. Most of the
quantitative projections simply assume that resource needs in the sector they
cover — needs for capital, energy, land, water, minerals — will be met. . . . Some
of the Study's resource projections implicitly assume that the goods and services
provided in the past by earth's land, air, and water will continue to be available in
larger ...

The Library Journal Book Review

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Most of the text is a discussion of the peripheral parameters which influence
being able to farm. McKee, a longtime expert by practical experience as a diver
and underwater photographer, stresses the need to get into the water if you want
to know; diving techniques are presented in depth! I was distressed about the
author's lack of attention to the conservation issue which is inseparable from any
oceanic endeavor, but the points he does cover are timely, pertinent, and